Are Shipping Containers Secure?

Whether you are using your shipping container for storage, office space, or even as your home, you almost certainly have valuable items inside that you’ll want to keep safe. The biggest question you may have before investing in a modular cabin is most likely ‘are shipping containers secure?’ Allow us to put your mind at rest with our guide.


Designed for Durability and Security

Shipping containers – both new and used – are rapidly finding a place as eco-friendly alternatives for homes, offices, schools and many more applications that require secure, sturdy and above all affordable units. With almost endless potential, the question many are asking is if shipping containers are secure enough to replace more traditional methods of building.

  • Built Tough: Shipping containers are built to increase the safety and security of goods being transported around the world on ships, lorries and trains.
  • A Revolution in Globalisation: They have allowed goods to be conveyed from point of manufacture to local distribution centre in a single, safe and secure container.
  • Versatile: Anything you own made overseas likely arrived safely in a shipping container. They can hold anything from clothes and toys to cars and high-end electrical devices.
  • Modular by Design: Shipping containers are designed to fit onto cargo trains, heavy goods vehicles and, of course, container ships, and are the ultimate in modular standardisation.
  • Inherently Secure by Design: They are built to endure, and are constructed from strong and durable corrugated steel, not to mention being waterproof, windproof and tamper-proof.

Every shipping container is a veritable treasure chest to the would-be thief, so they are constructed with extra locking mechanisms, alarms and multiple points for heavy duty padlocks to be bolted. Safety and security are primary factors in the construction of shipping containers.


Advanced Modifications for Container Security

As the use of shipping containers continues to expand beyond traditional transport usage, the need for advanced security modifications has become more crucial. These enhancements not only address specific security concerns but also tailor the containers to your various bespoke requirements. At ModCon we have vast experience of creating specific solutions for each of our clients.

  • Robust Security Mods: From high-security lock boxes and crossbar locks to sophisticated alarm systems, each of our modifications is designed to stop unauthorised access to your container. Additionally, we can install CCTV systems and motion detectors.
  • Reinforced Entry Points: One of the most critical areas for security is the door. We offer upgraded door hardware with anti-tamper hinges and advanced locking mechanisms. For added security, steel shutters and vandal-proof screens can be added to windows and doors.
  • Ventilation and Fire Safety: When storing chemicals or flammable items, we can incorporate fire-resistant insulation and advanced ventilation systems to control temperatures. Fire detection and suppression systems can also be integrated for the ultimate in safety.


Bespoke Security Implementations by Industry

Whatever your sector, our targeted modifications can significantly enhance the security of shipping containers, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. Here are just three examples.

  • Construction Sites: Storing expensive tools and machinery? We can fit containers with internal locking systems and external CCTV coverage. These measures can drastically reduce incidents of theft, proving cost-effective in the long run.
  • Retail Kiosks: To secure merchandise in high-footfall areas, our containers can be equipped with roll-down steel shutters and sophisticated alarm systems. This ensures that retail kiosks are secure during and after trading hours, offering peace of mind and loss prevention.
  • Chemical Storage: We customise chemstores to include ventilation systems, spill containment solutions and securely lockable internal cabinets. This ensures compliance with safety and security regulations, providing a safe storage unit that meets industry standards.

ModCon’s customised security for your shipping container storage solutions will safeguard your assets across any setting and sector, ensuring peace of mind.


High-Risk Environments

Our containers provide advanced solutions for secure storage, tailored to high-risk and sensitive environments. From robust anti-vandal cabins to fuel storage units, each container is fortified with high-security features to meet stringent safety standards. Our anti-vandal cabins are particularly popular with the Ministry of Defence, equipped with enhanced locking systems, steel shutters and customisation options to ensure they meet exact security requirements. These units are ideal for storing valuable equipment, hazardous materials or any critical resources, ensuring they are well-protected against theft, vandalism and other security threats. For more detailed information, explore our solutions for anti-vandal cabins, secure storage options, or learn about our projects with the Ministry of Defence.


So, Are Shipping Containers Secure?

Nothing can ever be guaranteed 100% safe, but shipping containers are one of the most secure methods for keeping your valuables away from the hands of thieves. From the well-built, sturdy construction of the shell, to all the additional measures we’ve covered in this blog, if you need a convenient, modern, and eco-friendly way to add storage or work space to your business, shipping containers are a very safe and secure way of doing it.


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