The Benefits of Opting for a Used portable Building

A used portable building is a versatile space for a whole host of applications, but some people get turned off by the word “used”, automatically deeming it as an inferior product compared to new portable storage buildings.

However, here at ModCon Cabins, we’re here to tell you about the amazing benefits of opting for a used portable building and how all manner of sectors can take advantage.


When purchasing something, especially with property, the cost is often the first thing on everyone’s mind. You’ll be saving significant amounts when purchasing a used portable building compared to a new one thanks to avoiding the initial depreciation factor that happens with new purchases. What’s more, portable building solutions are much more cost-effective than traditional construction, so with these savings users have more free rein to spend on customising the space to make it their own.

Save Time

Not only do you save costs, but you also save valuable time with portable storage buildings. With the portable refurbished and second hand cabin already built, the only time you need to be concerned with is the delivery and installation period, which is extremely efficient compared to new portable buildings and brick and mortar construction. Additional refurbishments and modifications will add a little more to the time scale, but overall, you’ll have minimal downtime and be able to occupy your space in little time!

Benefiting the Environment

We are living in a more environmentally conscious UK than ever, and the need for more eco-friendly building solutions is a must. That’s where portable buildings come into play. At ModCon Cabins, we pride ourselves on creating eco portable buildings made from highly sustainable materials. uPVC (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) windows provide high levels of insulation, helping to reduce expenses on energy bills and ultimately reducing carbon emissions, light timers positively impact energy consumption, and a used portable building can even be fitted with solar panels.

Being used, these buildings can be refurbished and utilised for different means, by different people again and again, reducing waste and adding to the overall eco-friendly nature of these spaces.


Businesses require different types of workspaces or portable storage buildings to meet their requirements. There is a wide choice of used portable structures to meet varying needs and sectors, from construction, education and industrial to the commercial, retail and sports and leisure sectors. They can be used for offices, storage, classrooms, smoking shelters, sports changing rooms and almost anything you can think of.

Try Before You Buy

Thanks to used portable buildings being already built, those looking to buy can come down to ModCon Cabins’ site to explore our range. It is a real benefit to explore the space you want in person rather than simply relying on pictures and blueprints. Doing so can help you avoid the chance the space you get isn’t the best one you were hoping for.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit the team at ModCon Cabins or get in touch with ModCon Cabins today by emailing, phoning our team on 0333 404 8822 or filling out our contact form to receive a free quote.


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