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anti vandal units on a construction site

The Benefits of Opting for a Used portable Building

A used portable building is a versatile space for a whole host of applications, but some people get turned off by the word “used”, automatically deeming it as an inferior product compared to new portable storage buildings. However, here at ModCon Cabins, we’re here to tell you about the amazing benefits of opting for a…
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portable shipping container space with woman sat in the office

Enhancing Productivity with Portable Office Spaces

The conventional view of an office is changing quickly to accommodate the needs of modern businesses. The concept of site cabins as offices is growing in popularity as businesses look for more adaptable and economical ways to address their workspace needs. Portable cabin offices in particular are examples of these cutting-edge buildings that provide a…
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Portable Changing Room

Exploring Portable Changing Rooms in Sports Facilities

If you’re looking at upgrading your changing room facilities, then it may be worth looking into your options and considering portable changing rooms. Here at ModCon Cabins, we have a wide array of sporting facilities, including portable sports changing rooms that will be perfect for your sports facility or centre. In this blog we will…
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Shipping Containers stacked

What Are Shipping Containers Used For?

Shipping containers, the massive steel boxes that crisscross the world’s oceans on huge container ships, are synonymous with international trade. They are the beating heart of the global supply chain, transporting an array of goods across vast distances. There’s a good chance that most of your possessions were in a shipping container at one time…
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Anti vandal cabins in grey

What Is an Anti-Vandal Cabin?

In the simplest terms, an anti-vandal cabin is a modified shipping container unit that is designed to be highly secure and resistant to vandalism and unauthorised access. These cabins are typically equipped with reinforced doors, windows and locking mechanisms to deter break-ins or tampering. They are commonly used on construction sites, in remote locations, or…
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chemical storage containers uk in green

Can Shipping Containers Be Used for COSHH Storage?

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, or COSHH, is a crucial set of regulations that govern the use and storage of hazardous substances in the workplace. There are many business sectors and industries in the UK that need to ensure they are following the correct COSHH storage procedures. From manufacturing, cleaning and healthcare to construction, automotive,…
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storage container for sale in blue

Are Shipping Containers Airtight?

Put simply, a shipping container is a large, reusable, standardised box-like container used to transport goods and materials worldwide, either on land through trucking or railways, by sea on cargo ships or by air via aircraft. Shipping containers have been used all around the world for over 80 years and continue to be a preferred…
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Modular classrooms with timber cladding

Modular Classrooms: Are They Worth the Investment?

When thinking of ‘Modular Classrooms’, people automatically imagine boring and bland classrooms, however that is not the case. As technology advances and the world becomes more sustainable, modular classrooms- or buildings for Education offer great solutions that new builds cannot match. As independent schools continue to serve more students and strive for better learning environments,…
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Residential modular home building inside

Do Modular Homes Depreciate?

Modular homes are an amazing alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar homes which are built on-site. They can offer a homeowner several benefits over a traditional home, however, one of the most important questions to ask is – do modular homes lose their value? What is a modular home? A modular home is a house that is…
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Modular buildings with stairs and balcony by Modcon

Do Modular Homes Need Planning Permission?

Modern and stylish modular homes are growing in popularity every year. Like most building developments in the UK, modular homes require planning permission, but as you’ll see, that’s no reason to be discouraged from creating your dream home. You’ve likely heard of planning permission. You may even have an idea of what it entails. But…
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Residential modular home with decking and a spiral staircase

Can You Get a Mortgage on a Modular Home?

With the gap between income and housing prices growing ever wider, stepping onto the housing ladder can seem more out of reach than ever. A recent article on revealed that the average first time buyer will now take seven-and-a-half years to save for a house deposit, and that they don’t expect to get the…
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Shipping containers stacked high

Are Shipping Containers Secure?

Whether you are using your shipping container for storage, office space, or even as your home, you almost certainly have valuable items inside that you’ll want to keep safe. The biggest question you may have before investing in a modular cabin is most likely ‘are shipping containers secure?’ Allow us to put your mind at…
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Modular buildings at North Middlesex Uni Hospital

What are Modular Homes and How Much do they Cost?

Modular homes are a great option for individuals or families who want to have their own home that’s unique and personal to them but doesn’t want the hassle and expense of building from scratch. Currently, less than 10% of homes in the UK are modular, but that number continues to grow every year due to…
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Modular homes built as a shipping container house

The Environmental Benefits of Modular Buildings and Cabins

Modular cabins have been around since the start of the 20th century. They are also referred to as ‘’prefabricated’’, ‘’manufactured’’ or ‘’factory-built’’ homes. The ‘modular’ aspect of modular buildings describes the construction method involved, whereby sections of the building are constructed away from the building site and are then delivered to the home or business…
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