Can Shipping Containers Be Used for COSHH Storage?

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, or COSHH, is a crucial set of regulations that govern the use and storage of hazardous substances in the workplace. There are many business sectors and industries in the UK that need to ensure they are following the correct COSHH storage procedures.

From manufacturing, cleaning and healthcare to construction, automotive, agriculture and food services, there are myriad chemicals, acids, solvents, adhesives, oils and sanitisers that need to be kept in secure COSHH-compliant storage and out of harm’s way. Security and access control are vital for COSHH storage and thought must always be given to the storage locations of such items, as mishandling of hazardous substances can pose a risk to human health and the environment.

One common method of secure storage for dangerous substances, particularly when the storage solution needs to be portable, is the use of shipping containers. Shipping containers are large, durable, and easily transportable, making them an ideal choice for storing hazardous materials safely. In this blog, we’re looking at the benefits of using shipping containers for COSHH storage.

The Benefits of Shipping Containers for COSHH Storage


Here at ModCon Cabins, we’re the experts in creating a vast range of shipping container cabin modifications and ancillary items for a wide range of industrial sectors and clients. There are many inherent reasons why it has become popular to create COSHH storage containers from used or even brand-new shipping containers. Here, we’re looking at five of the top points.

  1. Robust and Secure: Shipping containers are made of high-quality steel and are fundamentally designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them extremely durable and secure. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring that the hazardous materials are protected from external elements. They are also equipped with sturdy, lockable doors, providing an added layer of security.
  2. Portable and Versatile: Shipping containers are built for portability. They are designed to be transported on ships, lorries and trains, making them easy to transport to different locations. This gives flexibility in storing hazardous substances, especially where the substances need to be moved to different sites. Shipping containers can also be customised to meet specific storage requirements, such as adding ventilation, insulation or shelving.
  3. Cost-Effective: Using shipping containers for secure COSHH storage cabins can be cost-effective compared to building a store from scratch. This can be time-consuming and expensive and involves costs such as materials, labour, permits and ongoing maintenance. Shipping containers are readily available and repurposing them for COSHH storage is a cost-effective solution that ModCon Cabins are experienced at providing.
  4. Compliance with COSHH Regulations: Storing dangerous substances in compliance with COSHH regulations is critical to ensure the safety of workers and the environment. Shipping containers can be quickly and easily modified to meet these requirements. We can equip containers with ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow and prevent vapour and fume accumulation. Our COSHH storage containers can also be fitted with spill containment measures, and correctly labelled and painted to identify the substances stored inside.
  5. Environmental Benefits: Using shipping containers as secure COSHH stores can also have environmental benefits. Shipping containers are typically made of steel, which is highly recyclable and has a lower environmental impact compared to other construction materials. Repurposing shipping containers for hazardous materials storage can help reduce the demand for new construction materials, minimise waste, and contribute to sustainability.

When properly used and maintained, and when supplied by a company with a proven track record in modifying shipping containers, they will provide a secure, portable and reliable storage solution for dangerous substances, ensuring the safety of workers, the environment, and compliance with COSHH regulations.

Our solutions can be as bespoke as you need them to be, such as for secure fuel storage with room for a generator too. With cabins secure enough to be used by the Ministry of Defence, COSHH storage containers from ModCon Cabins are the ideal solution to meeting compliance and keeping your workforce safe.

COSHH Storage Containers from ModCon Cabins


At the start of this blog we posed the question, ‘Can shipping containers be used for COSHH storage?’ Well, not only is the answer a resounding yes, but they are in fact one of the best solutions available, purely because of their inherent strength, versatility, affordability and portability.

Secure storage for hazardous materials is vital for a safe workplace across many different sectors and industries. COSHH requirements for storage are stringent and COSHH storage containers must be compliant with the regulations.

We fully understand this at ModCon Cabins, and we can build you a tailor-made COSHH storage solution for a fraction of the price of more traditional methods. Call us on 0333 404 8822, email or use our online form to get more information or request your quote.


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