Container Housing and Modular Homes

Ever seen a container house for sale? We wouldn’t be surprised because modular homes are a growing trend, as people seek affordable, sustainable solutions for good living without compromising on the highly bespoke nature of building from scratch. As more and more people look at turning shipping containers into homes, ModCon Cabins have been providing affordable, luxurious and unique designs for modular homes to UK container housing builders. 

Our modular homes are fitted with everything you need for comfortable living, including top-quality lighting, flooring and insulation. We can also take care of water supply and waste-water facilities for you, meaning our bespoke housing solutions are ready to move into or rent out straight away. If you’re a property developer, you can have your container house for sale in no time at all. 

We specialise in providing prefabricated luxury residential shipping container housing to builders across the country. We work closely with construction companies to fit out every module to the exact specification of the client. Contact us online today or call us on 0333 404 8822 to get started. 

Delivered Ready

One of the most instant benefits of residential container housing is that each modular section is built and fitted out off-site in our specialised facilities, and then delivered to its installation location using our trusted haulage partner. Once your modular home arrives on-site, connecting all the essential services, such as electricity and water, won’t take very much time at all. You’ll be ready to move into your luxury cabin before you know it.

Steel Framed for Strength

Shipping containers are designed with resilience in mind, built to withstand harsh maritime conditions while safeguarding their cargo, making them some of the toughest capsules you can buy. Our container housing units are made from steel, which is renowned for its strength and ability to withstand corrosion. This increases both the security and longevity of your modular home.

All the Mod Cons

Modular home living may at first seem like a wild deviation from the way you are used to living, but as our name suggests, our cabins are capable of housing all the mod cons. We create comfortable living spaces that only differ from traditional homes in their building material. We provide ancillary items to really finish off your home, too.

Fully Fitted Out

However you want your new home fitted out, we follow your specification and ensure each part of your modular home is exactly as you wish it to be. Our professional, friendly fitters ensure you have everything you need for immediate use of your container housing including flooring, electric sockets and lighting, showers and toilets and other plumbing essentials and much more.

Converted with Care

With over 25 years of experience in shipping container conversion, we understand exactly what’s required when creating a modern, appealing home. Doors and windows will be reinforced with extra structural steel, units are fully sealed against the elements and any requested security features, such as external lighting, will be pre-installed.

Fully Insulated

We’ll help make your modular home more cost-effective with our advanced insulation, which will not only keep energy costs down, but also help reduce the amount of heating and air conditioning you need to spend money on. It’s an easy way to start living more sustainably while saving money in the long run. Contact us for more information.

Environmentally Friendly

We are all concerned about sustainability and climate change – now more than ever. Our team has developed a range of eco-friendly cabins to help reduce your carbon footprint, running costs and energy reliance on grid power sources. Solar panels can be installed onto new modular buildings, or integrated into existing setups, for green energy production.

Externally Finished to Suit

However you want your finished container housing development to look, ModCon Cabins can help. A thorough coating of plastisol PVC will not only ensure your home remains weatherproof, but it can then be painted any colour you wish. Looking for a more rustic finish? Consider wooden cladding to add another layer of protection to your modular home.

Upgradeable and Futureproof

The modular aspect of container housing is often one of the most appealing. It means you can, subject to planning permission, continue to add more rooms to your new home as and when you need them, building up your dream home one module at a time. This keeps your home coordinated with your own lives and needs.

grey small modular building with windows

If you are looking for the very best in modular home construction, then ModCon Cabins is here to serve you. Combining master artisanship here at our construction and fit-out facilities in the Wye Valley, with delivery throughout Britain via our trusted haulage partners, we guarantee to exceed your expectations and meet all your needs.

We provide custom-made container housing units straight out of our workshop as well as bespoke ancillary products, from eco-lighting solutions to specialist fit-outs and comprehensive amenities packages. Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart from the competition. We take great care in understanding the exact needs of our clients, offering free, no-obligation quotes before we begin work on any luxury shipping container home projects.

Our track record speaks for itself through glowing word-of-mouth referrals that are a testament to how well we do what we do. To experience this level of excellence yourself, read some of our case studies showcasing our previous achievements or get in touch with us today.


Modular Buildings

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Portable Cabins

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Used and Refurbished

Our used and refurbished cabins and modular buildings can be used for literally anything. As part of our service, we ensure that they are fit for purpose, whether you need them for standard storage or specialist use.