Exploring Portable Changing Rooms in Sports Facilities

If you’re looking at upgrading your changing room facilities, then it may be worth looking into your options and considering portable changing rooms. Here at ModCon Cabins, we have a wide array of sporting facilities, including portable sports changing rooms that will be perfect for your sports facility or centre. In this blog we will look into what a portable changing room is, the different types of changing rooms we can offer you, the benefits of the types of changing rooms and how they can help improve your sports facilities. 


What is a Portable Changing Room 

You may be wondering what a portable changing room is – essentially, it is a changing room that has been created in the same way as a portable or modular cabin. These types of buildings are designed to be portable and not permanently fixed to one place and are typically used as a temporary solution. However, over time this type of building has become increasingly popular and has proven to stand the test of time. This has led portable buildings, such as portable sports changing rooms to grow in popularity and demand as a relatively long-term solution. 


The Different Types of Portable Sports Changing Rooms 

At ModCon Cabins, we offer a variety of different portable changing room options to help you upgrade your sports facilities. All of our sports changing rooms can come fully fitted for your organisation, whether it’s for your sports club, football ground, school or any other site that has a demand for changing facilities. Our range of changing rooms available consists of: 

Portable Changing Rooms – Our most efficient way to create new changing facilities for your sports club, school or ground with ease. All of our portable changing rooms are built in-house and delivered to your site fully built, so you can go right ahead and begin using your new facilities without any disruption to your organisation. Our new portable cabins are typically made from state-of-the-art materials, which include plastisol. However, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch as far as a new portable cabin, we have a brilliant selection of used portable changing rooms that have undergone extensive refurbishment to ensure the quality is as high as a new cabin. 

Modular Changing Rooms – Our modular changing rooms are versatile and customisable for your ever-changing needs. With modular sports changing rooms, you can customise each room to individual needs or even tailor it to your team or school’s colours and logos. Similarly, to our selection of portable changing rooms, our modular cabins are built in-house and delivered to your site and pieced together in no time. This type of modular changing room is also available brand new or, for those with a smaller budget, used, which will still satisfy your sporting requirements. 

Jackleg Changing Rooms – At Modcon, we also have a vast selection of Jackleg buildings to satisfy any sporting facility needs for those with uneven ground or require multi-storeyed changing rooms. Jackleg buildings have metal legs attached to the bottom of the cabin that provide complete sound stability to the building. The ability to stack these buildings on top of one another provides multi-story facilities that are perfect for environments like gyms, football clubs, sports centres and more. 


Who Can Benefit from Portable Changing Rooms 

At ModCon Cabins, we can provide portable sports changing rooms for a variety of different organisations. 

Sports Teams – Athletes and officials may change, safely store personal belongings, and mentally get ready for games with our sports changing room options. We contribute to the overall improvement of comfort, efficiency, and organisation, which improves everyone’s performance and level of satisfaction. 

Football Clubs – Our football changing rooms are the perfect addition to any football club, providing both teams with a comfortable space for pre-game planning and strategy discussions, as well as post-game recovery. 

Universities, Colleges and Schools – Educational organisations can benefit from adding additional changing facilities to their ever-changing year groups or campus requirements with ease. Providing extra facilities such as additional changing rooms can help promote student participation in sports and physical education. 

Sporting Events – Any type of sporting event, from large competitions to little local games, can benefit greatly from the portable changing rooms we provide here at ModCon Cabins. Due to their portable nature, these cabins can be easily placed and easily removed to provide changing facilities whatever the event. 


What To Expect from a ModCon Portable Changing Room 

At ModCon, we never compromise on quality or durability and that is why we continually exceed our customer’s expectations. With over 25 years of experience in the portable cabin industry, we can provide your organisation with top-quality portable changing rooms whatever your budget. Every type of sports changing room created by us at ModCon Cabins can be tailored completely to your needs. 

We will complete an assessment of your individual needs and provide you with our expert advice and guidance to ensure you have the right type of portable changing room facilities for your organisation. We can provide a range of extra features to tailor your changing experience, whether you need secure lockers, heating, lighting and ventilation elements or perfectly hygienic toilet and baby changing facilities, it is all possible with a portable changing cabin from us here at ModCon. 

Not only that but all of our portable changing rooms are also created to a sustainable design, making them multi-functional and eco-friendly investments. Our sports changing facilities are equipped with eco-friendly features like solar panels, light timers, uPVC windows, quality insulation, and lightweight materials, all of which use significantly less energy and materials to construct and install. 

It’s important to remember that changing facilities isn’t just for sporting organisations and events, our portable changing amenities can also benefit other industries such as construction sites, film and TV crews, campsites and holiday venues and many more. The opportunities for fantastical portable changing rooms are endless. 


Why Choose ModCon Cabins for Your Portable Changing Room Needs 

Here at ModCon Cabins, we can provide your organisation with the perfect temporary or permanent choice for your changing needs. With a range of modular, portable, Plastisol and used cabins available to purchase that can be specifically customised to your needs, it’s never been easier to supply high-quality changing facilities, whatever your industry and needs. So, trust us here at ModCon to provide you with the very best portable changing rooms on the market.

To find out more about what we do, the types of cabins we can provide and the type of cabin that will best suit your budget and organisation, you can contact us via our online contact form or call us on 03334048822 or email us at info@modconcabins.co.uk 


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