Fire Rated Cabins

Choosing the right portable building often boils down to safety features, particularly when looking at fire rated modular capabilities for your cabins. Fire rated cabins are not just a choice but a necessity for various applications, especially when the contents are valuable or inherently flammable. Whether it’s securing your chemicals in our robust storage cabins or setting up a fire rated site cabin for a construction project, the importance of fire resistance cannot be overstated.

Moreover, if your cabin’s location is adjacent to an existing structure, compliance with legislation becomes paramount. Fire rated cabins play a crucial role in meeting these regulatory requirements, offering an additional layer of protection. At ModCon Cabins, we understand the intricacies involved and are equipped to navigate you through our selection of suitable fire rated cabins, ensuring your project aligns with all safety regulations. We take the complexity out of fire safety, providing you with the assurance you need to proceed with confidence.

For further details, or to peruse our range of fire rated modular cabins, do not hesitate to contact us or delve into the information provided below.

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Key Features of Our Fire Resistant Cabins

Investing in a fire rated cabin is not just about meeting regulations but is also a commitment to safety and durability – not to mention protecting the contents of the cabin too. Benefits range from increased fire resistance to integration with other cutting-edge safety systems. Here’s how our custom-built cabins stand out:

Materials and Construction Techniques:

Our fire rated cabins are built with materials selected for their ability to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of flames. Advanced construction techniques further enhance this resilience, providing a robust barrier against fire, ensuring the safety of people, property and the contents within.

Insulation and Construction Components:

Effective insulation is key in fire safety, significantly slowing down the transfer of heat. Our cabins utilise top-grade fire-resistant insulation and construction components that exceed standard safety requirements, providing critical time for both evacuation and response in the event of a fire.

Integration with Safety Systems:

A fire rated cabin is a vital part of the wider consideration of site safety. We ensure seamless integration with essential safety systems like smoke detectors and fire suppression units. This thorough approach to fire safety not only protects the structure but also helps in safeguarding your entire site.

Each feature of our fire rated modular solutions is crafted with the highest regard for quality, ensuring cabins are not only fit for purpose but are a reliable addition to your project safety.

The Advantages of Using Fire Rated Cabins

Investing in fire rated cabins brings an array of benefits, from enhancing safety to ensuring compliance and reducing costs. Discover the significant advantages of incorporating these robust structures into your operations:

Enhanced Fire Safety

Prioritising the safety of occupants and nearby structures, fire rated cabins provide a superior level of fire resistance, significantly reducing the risk of fire spread.


These cabins meet and often exceed local, national and international building codes and standards, ensuring your project meets its legal requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution

While upfront costs may be higher, fire rated cabins can lead to lower insurance premiums and less need for expensive long-term maintenance.

Protection of Occupants

In an emergency, these cabins offer a safe haven for occupants, allowing them to evacuate or await rescue in a secure environment.

Asset Protection

Beyond human safety, these structures also safeguard valuable equipment and materials from fire damage, protecting your ongoing operations.

Versatile and Adaptable

Our fire rated cabins are designed to be multifunctional, and are suitable for use as site offices, control rooms, accommodation or storage units.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Thanks to their enhanced safety features, owning a fire rated cabin can positively impact insurance premiums, reflecting the lowered risk.

Modular Construction

Enjoy the perks of modular construction, including reduced waste, controlled manufacturing conditions and improved efficiency during the build process.

Each of these benefits contributes to making fire rated cabins an intelligent choice for a safety-first, conscientious and forward-thinking business.

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Industries That Can Benefit from Fire Rated Cabins

Fire rated cabins are not just a versatile asset but a vital component in enhancing safety. These robust structures, which are fully portable, offer indispensable protection for people, operations and equipment. Discover the diverse industries that gain an added layer of security and functionality with our fire rated site cabins and fire rated modular solutions:

Construction and Building:

Essential for any construction site, our fire rated site cabins offer secure office spaces, control rooms and meeting areas, enhancing on-site fire safety protocols and providing a safe workspace.

Oil and Gas:

In the high-risk environments of oil and gas operations, fire rated cabins serve as resilient control rooms, equipment housings and safe accommodation spaces, crucial for maintaining operational safety.

Power Generation:

Whether it’s conventional power plants or renewable energy sites, our fire rated modular cabins ensure control rooms, equipment housing and administrative spaces are safeguarded against fire risks.


Manufacturing plants utilise our cabins for fire-safe office spaces, control rooms and secure storage areas, significantly mitigating fire hazards in often highly flammable environments.


Protecting critical communication infrastructure, our secure, anti-vandal cabins are great for housing sensitive equipment, data centres and serve as secure control rooms too.

Railways, Airports and Ports:

As nerve centres for transportation hubs, fire rated cabins function as ticketing offices, security control rooms and emergency response centres, fortifying public safety.

Defence and Military:

Military operations – including the Ministry of Defence – depend on our cabins for robust command centres, accommodation and the secure storage of sensitive equipment, enhancing base security.

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Emergency Services:

Our cabins provide reliable command posts, control centres, temporary shelters and support recovery operations, which are indispensable during crises. Our cabins are fully portable too.


Fire rated cabins can be deployed as administrative offices, temporary clinics and storage facilities, ensuring that healthcare operations maintain compliance and readiness in any given situation or emergency.


Educational institutions benefit from our fire resistant cabins during construction and renovation, using them as temporary classrooms and storage spaces, ensuring vital educational services continue.

Events and Entertainment:

Our cabins are crucial for public safety at events, serving as ticket booths, security offices and operational control rooms. With portability built in, they can be moved from event to event with ease.

Agriculture and Farming:

Within the agricultural sector, our fire rated cabins serve as secure farm offices, robust storage for equipment and shelters for farm workers, offering essential protection against the risk of fires in rural settings.


Essential for utilities like water treatment and sewage plants, our cabins are used as administrative offices and control rooms, ensuring essential services remain uninterrupted at all times.


Our cabins with fire protection ensure guest and staff safety at tourist sites, acting as accommodation, reception areas and functional offices. If you work in hospitality, you may benefit from the easy portability of our cabins too.

In each of these sectors, the integration of fire rated modular buildings and site cabins is a testament to their adaptability, safety and essential role in ensuring and protecting operational continuity.

Regulatory Standards and Compliance for Fire Rated Cabins

ModCon’s commitment to the safest cabins is mirrored in our adherence to the stringent UK fire safety regulations. Our fire rated cabins are meticulously designed to meet, and often exceed, the requirements of UK Building Regulations, specifically Approved Document B, concerning fire safety.

By staying on top of regulatory updates, we ensure our cabins align with the latest safety directives. There’s more information available online on the UK government website. For us, delivering superior fire rated cabins reflects our dedication to safeguarding lives, assets and peace of mind.

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Installation, Maintenance and Care for Fire Rated Cabins

Proper installation and regular maintenance are pivotal for the ongoing effectiveness of fire rated cabins. ModCon ensures that every installation adheres to the highest standards, optimising fire resistance from the outset. Our cabins require routine maintenance to maintain their integrity over time, with guidance provided for regular inspections and timely upgrades.

Adherence to these practices ensures the cabins’ long-term performance and compliance with evolving safety standards. For detailed maintenance schedules and best practices, our team is at your service, guaranteeing that your fire safety measures are always at peak efficacy.


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