Healthcare Modular Building

Hospitals and healthcare organisations are required to act quickly. However, they often lack the space they need to react in emergency situations. Prefab modular buildings and portacabins may be the solution. They can be installed quickly at reasonable cost, keeping disruption to a minimum – and they don’t have to be temporary! With ModCon Cabin’s full fitout service, they can be just as warm, welcoming and comfortable as traditional wards and treatment rooms.

You’re not just limited to sleeping pods and consultation areas, either. We can also create isolation pods to assist with quarantine, in addition to constructing waiting rooms, laboratories and other key medical facilities, large or small. All our healthcare modular building and cabins are compliant with current health and safety regulations and come fully fire-rated for your security and protection.

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Chemical Storage Welfare Cabins Accessible Units

Plastisol cabins

Plastisol is a polymer-based material, used to coat galvanised steel sheets to make them look more appealing, in addition to improving their durability and resistance. A Plastisol coating ensures that your modular buildings are rust proof, without compromising the strength or security provided by steel.

Eco cabins

Our eco cabins are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. With features such as uPVC windows, automatic door closing and upgraded insulation, they are designed to keep heat in and the cold out. We can also install solar panels on your roof or in a separate eco unit, allowing you to generate your own renewable energy.

Anti-vandal units

Constructed from strong, durable steel, our anti-vandal cabins have high-security doors with complex locking mechanisms to prevent break-ins. Steel shutters can also be installed over your windows to prevent unauthorised access when you’re not around. We make a variety of secure kitchen, bathroom, office and changing units, as well as a number of secure ancillary storage units.

Handwash stations

Keeping your hands clean is essential, especially in medical settings. Our smoking shelters now come with handwash and hand-sanitisation facilities as standard and we can also include them in any of our other units to help you fight infection wherever you are.

Smoking shelters

Having a designated smoking shelter protects others from second-hand smoke. We make specialist smoking and vaping units, each designed for either two or four people. These units include bench seating, safety and hazard warning signs, and hand wash facilities to ensure that hygiene remains a priority.

Sleeper cabins

Need additional accommodation for patients or staff? Look no further than our sleeper cabins. Both well insulated and secure, modular dormitory buildings are a cost-effective way of increasing bed space quickly and easily. We can decorate the inside of your cabin with wall and ceiling panels to make it feel inviting and will also fit the necessary flooring, lighting and electrics.

Kitchens and canteens

We can convert our modular cabins and shipping containers into a fully functioning kitchen or canteen, whether you opt for one of our standard or anti-vandal units. We’ll supply everything you need for clean running water, in addition to installing all your electrics. We can also include stainless-steel sinks, worktops and water heaters, along with other items upon request.

Toilet and shower blocks

Our modular buildings and shipping containers are perfect for creating additional bathroom space. We provide all the necessary ancillaries such as water bowsers and effluent tanks, too, allowing you to make use of your new facilities from the get-go.

Ancillary items

ModCon Cabins produces all its own ancillary items, such as stainless-steel staircases, staircase pods and platforms. This allows us to meet specific accessibility needs, which are particularly important in healthcare settings. For instance, we can produce and install custom staircase ramps, threshold ramps and handrails, to name just a few solutions.

Healthcare cabin inside with carpet

The benefits of modular units in the healthcare sector

Modular containers are incredibly versatile. They can be used to create additional treatment rooms, welfare facilities and waiting areas in a flash. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider adding ModCon Cabins to your healthcare premises:

  • They can be installed quickly. Hospitals are under huge pressure to meet growing demand for beds, treatment rooms and vaccination centres. Not having to wait for lengthy construction work is therefore a massive advantage.
  • They’re cost effective. Modular buildings are much cheaper to construct than traditional buildings, helping healthcare organisations to dedicate limited funding to other important areas, such as patient treatment.
  • They’re flexible. Portable cabins and modular buildings are easy to move around when required. This allows you to adapt easily to rapidly changing conditions.
  • They’re strong. Our modular containers are made from stainless steel, with our anti-vandal cabins in particular providing a secure solution. What’s more, our cabins are durable. They’re built to last and won’t rust.
  • They’re sustainable. With concerns for the planet now at the forefront of society, all sectors need to do their bit for the environment. Why not explore our green eco-cabin features to see how you could reduce your carbon footprint?

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