Modular steel buildings on an industrial scale

Modular buildings are no longer limited to temporary, stand-alone shipping containers. ModCon Cabins specialises in modular construction, joining and stacking multiple units to create permanent, state-of-the-art facilities on an industrial scale. As our name suggests, we then fit out your new site with all the mod cons, from electrics, lighting and clean running water, to racking, shelving and other industry-specific features.
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In addition to constructing new workspaces for you, we can also create bespoke units to help you meet all your workplace needs. For instance, we manufacture and install a range of welfare pods – including bathrooms and kitchens – in addition to manufacturing made-to-measure handwash stations, smoking shelters, boot washes and other necessary amenities.

If you think your business could benefit from our friendly services, simply get in touch! Our expert team would be more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Secure entry units

If you need to control who can and cannot access your premises, our kiosks, gatehouses and secure-entry turnstile units can help. Opt for one of our basic models or go all out and create a fully fitted lodge-style gatehouse, complete with kitchen and bathroom facilities. Whichever solution you decide upon, our modular secure entry units provide protection from the outside elements, making life that bit easier when it comes to protecting your business from potential threats.


If you’re short on space but don’t want to invest copious amounts of money in constructing new buildings or relocating, modular units may be the solution. We create bespoke modular buildings of any size, all of which come fully fitted with all the mod cons, including running water and electrics. They’re much more affordable than traditional constructions and can be mounted in next to no time, allowing you to get back to work without any hassle.

Hand wash stations

It’s important to keep your hands clean, especially when working in industries at risk of cross-contamination. What’s more, you need to ensure that workers can access handwash facilities quickly and easily, so they are able to react promptly should they come into contact with any harsh products or hazardous chemicals. We’re able to accommodate custom requirements, so can add facilities for storing first-aid kits, eye baths and other industry-specific items if required.

Secure fuel storage

Our secure fuel storage units protect your fuel from the external elements and potential theft. Made from steel with secure locking doors, they’re incredibly resistant. Our 7 ft x 5 ft x 8 ft fuel-safe storage vaults are particularly suited to storing IBCs and large drums, while our DOSS (diesel onsite secure storage) is specifically designed to hold up to 1500 litres of diesel. The latter also comes with a built-in 500 litre trailer, allowing you to transport fuel around your site more easily.


We make several different sizes of hazardous material stores, from our larger 10 ft x 7 ft store to our smaller walk-in chemstore options. All our chemical storage units come with floor bunds and drain plugs, allowing you to deal with any potential spills safely. Moreover, we can install racking and shelving as required and are happy to provide any additional features upon request, whether you need a larger offset door or safety decals.

Welfare cabins

Meet your workforce welfare needs quickly and easily with our modular kitchens, canteens, toilet blocks and shower blocks. Available in bespoke sizes, we can cater for industries of all scales. All our welfare units come with ancillary items like staircases and handrails, in addition to being fitted with plumbing, lighting and electrics. We’ll provide all your sinks, toilets, countertops and worktops, too, meaning your new welfare units will be ready for use straight away.

Eco cabins

Designed to cut both your energy bills and your carbon footprint, our energy-efficient eco cabins are a great way of sticking to your budget while hitting your sustainability goals. They come with a range of features designed to prevent energy loss, including upgraded insulation, uPVC windows, timed LED lighting, light timers and automatic closing doors. You may also wish to add our solar panel pods to your chosen configuration, allowing you to generate your own green energy on site.

Anti-vandal cabins

Safety is key for any business. Keep your equipment, tools and workforce safe with our steel anti-vandal cabins. They come with high-security doors, complete with a secure multi-point locking system, in addition to steel shutters installed over the windows. As always, all our cabins come fully fitted with all the mod cons. Choose from classic corrugated sidewalls or opt for our flat-sided panels to make things look more attractive.

Ancillary products

At ModCon Cabins, we don’t think of our ancillary products as add-on items. We like to offer clients complete modular solutions that can be put to use right away. We therefore take great pride in the staircases, staircase pods, viewing platforms, handrails and access ramps that we manufacture. Stairs can be made with a custom number of treads and we are also happy to make bespoke items upon request. This is in addition to the provision of all your water bowsers, effluent tanks and other essentials.

Great experience with this company. Alan was really helpful from start to finish and was quick to respond to our queries. Already recommended them to other construction sites. Thanks, Alan!
I can’t recommend ModCon highly enough. We had two new toilet and shower blocks delivered on Monday and have already ordered our smoking shelters with them because they’re so good. Everything arrived as promised and ready for use.
We got our new office units through ModCon and couldn’t be happier with the results. They look great and the guys from ModCon went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to as well.
industrial cabin with sink facilities

The benefits of modular cabins for industry

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile. We manufacture units of all sizes, whether you need a small fuel store or a whole open-plan suite. There are many reasons why modular containers make a better choice for industry than traditionally constructed buildings. For instance:

They can be built quickly: Why waste time waiting for lengthy construction work to be carried out when you can achieve the same results in a much shorter period? Our quick turn around times allow us to minimise disruption to your production schedule – and because we do full fitouts, you can get to work in your new units immediately.

They’re affordable: Modular buildings are much more cost effective than traditional buildings, since they require less manpower and fewer materials to construct.

They’re versatile: Industries are constantly changing and need to be able to adapt quickly. What better way to respond to new challenges than to opt for buildings that can be moved literally anywhere, on or off site?

They’ll last: Built from steel that won’t rust, our modular containers will stand the test of time.

They’re safe: Our modular cabins and containers comply with all current health and safety regulations. We also take care of all your fire-rating requirements. What’s more, with high-security doors and windows, you can be sure that your materials and equipment will be safe from vandals.

They’re green: Modular buildings require far fewer materials than traditional buildings, most of which can be recycled. What’s more, we can fit them with uPVC windows, light timers, upgraded insulation and other energy-saving features to help reduce your carbon footprint.

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