Modular Classrooms: Are They Worth the Investment?

When thinking of ‘Modular Classrooms’, people automatically imagine boring and bland classrooms, however that is not the case. As technology advances and the world becomes more sustainable, modular classrooms- or buildings for Education offer great solutions that new builds cannot match.

As independent schools continue to serve more students and strive for better learning environments, modular buildings offer a versatile solution that meets their needs efficiently. From extra classrooms to enhanced amenities, these structures provide the perfect platform for expanding and improving educational facilities.

When a modular classroom is done correctly, they are guaranteed to last over 10 years. As they are low-cost, prefabricated classrooms, they can be installed over the school holidays to minimise noise and disruption to school life. Our classrooms are crafted using only premium materials.

Offering a modern aesthetic and cutting-edge features for student comfort, these stylish buildings provide an attractive learning environment. This blog will discuss the advantages of owning a modular classroom and the many benefits they bring.

Speed & Cost

For many schools, the number of students attending every year is increasing, which is a great thing. But, many schools may not have access to funds to create a new building. That is where modular classrooms come in. A modular classroom is the best way to get classrooms up and running in record time, as construction takes less than half the time it take to build from scratch.

Modular classrooms are much cheaper to make than a new build. They are the financially easier option for space solutions. Even if you require customisation, such as electrical sockets, carpets, lights and more, it will still be extremely cost-effective and cheaper than a new build.

They also offer an affordable and convenient solution for those in need of a quick, portable classroom option. As they are built to be durable, they can endure transportation conditions and require minimal maintenance.

Environmental Impact

Modular classrooms are an energy-efficient approach to buildings. This is because they feature low impact foundations, and timber is primary material. This method of construction significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with a project – and has become increasingly popular for its green credentials.


Modular classrooms are renowned for their portability, as they can be easily moved if necessary. This makes them an ideal solution to temporary learning spaces, as this ensures students have a comfortable and convenient educational environment regardless of location. With flexibility, there also many designs available like ready-to-use modular classrooms or bespoke ones, which are based on your requirements.

Energy Efficient

Investing in modular classrooms brings substantial long-term savings with the latest energy efficient technologies and materials, ensuring students stay comfortable, while significantly reducing bills.

Modular Classrooms with Modcon

Modular classrooms are worth the investment, as they offer many benefits that ordinary new-builds will not. With our many years of experience in the construction industry, we are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have about modular classrooms.

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