Refurbished Used Modular Buildings & Portable Cabins

As the world rapidly moves towards both sustainability and better value for money, the desire to use refurbished used modular buildings and cabins is growing. These buildings come imbued with durability, character and a certain charm that’s hard to replicate with brand new constructions. Here at ModCon Cabins, we have a wealth of experience in refurbishing cabins and have a great selection of second-hand portable cabins for sale.

Types Of Used Buildings For Sale

The ‘trend’ of using refurbished or second-hand structures shows no signs of going away thanks to the fact they’re sustainable, affordable solutions to modern living and working needs. Whether you’re searching for a space that echoes tradition or one that fits neatly within a tight budget, understanding the distinctions between modular and portable builds is vital.

portable plastisol cabin used as portable changing rooms

Used Modular Buildings

If you’re thinking of a building solution that’s as versatile as it is efficient, look no further than modular buildings. They are prefabricated, crafted in segments known as ‘modules’, and pieced together on-site. Used modular buildings are highly adaptable and their standardised construction allows for quicker setups and a higher finish quality than traditional builds.

Key Features

Bespoke design

Customisation options

Factory built components, incl. walls, floors and ceilings

Energy efficient

Fast construction

Reduced waste

Second Hand Portable Cabins For Sale

Ever needed a space solution that’s not just flexible but also instantly available? Enter second hand portable cabins. These are movable structures, often employed when there’s a requirement for quick, temporary accommodations or workspaces. Construction firms often use them as onsite offices while event organisers find them invaluable as pop-up stalls or ticket counters.

Key Features

Fast build process

Future flexibility

Great value for money

Support and guidance

Sustainable solution

High quality materials

Why Choose ModCon Cabins?

At ModCon Cabins, we build trust, ensure quality and prioritise the environment. Known for our used modular buildings, we’re dedicated to merging function with sustainability, and we have over a quarter of a century of experience in every aspect of their procurement.

Modular buildings at North Middlesex Uni Hospital

All our second-hand cabins for sale represent a commitment to reusability, extending the lifespan of resources.

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We Provide Second Hand Cabins and Modular Buildings For...

Sports and Leisure Facilities

Whether you’re catering to a local football team in need of changing rooms or setting up a community gym, second hand portable cabins for sale are turnkey solutions to ensure you have the sports or leisure facility you envision.

Office Spaces

Instead of diving into expensive rentals or construction projects, consider the ease and efficiency of refurbished portable cabins. They offer the flexibility to create modern, collaborative and modular workspaces that inspire creativity.


With pressing medical needs or during sudden healthcare challenges, having the ability to set up clinics, labs and even temporary hospitals can be a game changer. Refurbished and used modular buildings fit the bill perfectly, offering medical professionals adaptable and efficient spaces.

Nurseries and Daycare

Creating a safe, warm and inviting space for children has never been easier. Used modular buildings and portable cabins can be tailor fitted to meet child-friendly specifications, making them an excellent choice for nurseries and daycare centres.


From event accommodations to temporary housing during renovations, the possibilities with used modular buildings and refurbished cabins are endless. You’ll have a comfortable, secure and cost-effective living space, perfect for short-term and long-term needs.

Schools and Universities

With the fluctuating needs of educational institutions, not to mention the RAAC crisis, refurbished cabins offer an economical, quick solution. Add classrooms, labs or seminar halls and integrate them seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

Site Cabins

For construction firms or events, having a reliable on-site space is non-negotiable. Whether for storage, workspace or coordination, site cabins are the backbone of any project, offering mobility and convenience.

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Smoking shelters in green

Used Ancillary Products

At ModCon, our expertise doesn’t just stop at having second-hand portable cabins for sale. We offer a comprehensive range of used ancillary products tailored to enhance functionality and safety.

Our durable steel staircases provide a reliable solution for multi-level access. Perfectly paired with our used modular buildings, they ensure safe and seamless movement between stacked structures or shipping containers.

Sustainability and Impact On The Environment

At ModCon, our ethos is rooted in sustainability. The demand for used modular buildings and second-hand portable cabins is on the rise, and opting for these structures is a testament to eco-responsibility. Embracing these builds combats the colossal waste epidemic the construction industry is dealing with, and ModCon is proud to lead the way for a cleaner, greener planet.

We serve

Construction Sites

Road and Rail Work



Film and TV Crew

Campsites and Holiday Venues

Educational Facilities

Local Authorities

And more!

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Great experience with this company. Alan was really helpful from start to finish and was quick to respond to our queries. Already recommended them to other construction sites. Thanks, Alan!
I can’t recommend ModCon highly enough. We had two new toilet and shower blocks delivered on Monday and have already ordered our smoking shelters with them because they’re so good. Everything arrived as promised and ready for use.
We got our new office units through ModCon and couldn’t be happier with the results. They look great and the guys from ModCon went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to as well.

Recommended Building Types

Modular buildings with stairs and balcony by Modcon

Quality Used Ancillary Products

Providing a range of ancillaries, improving functionality and making a great addition to your portable cabin or modular building.
Shipping Containers stacked

Used Shipping Containers For Sale

A cost-effective solution, second-hand shipping containers are versatile and a great choice for a wide range of applications.
grey portable plastisol cabin

Used Sustainable Building Solutions

At ModCon Cabins, we have a range of portable and modular used eco-buildings that can be fitted out to suit your needs.
anti vandal units on a construction site

Portable Office Cabin Builds and Site Cabins for Sale

With ModCon Cabins, excellence is built in as standard. Explore our collection and discover how our portable offices can revolutionise the way your business operates, on-site and beyond.


Modular Buildings

We make modular buildings, including bespoke, flatpack and eco options for a variety of sectors. Visit our modular buildings page to find out more.

Portable Cabins

Whether you’re looking for cabins that provide an additional layer of security or want to prioritise environmental goals – or both – we make a range of different portable building types to meet your each and every need.

Used and Refurbished

Our used and refurbished cabins and modular buildings can be used for literally anything. As part of our service, we ensure that they are fit for purpose, whether you need them for standard storage or specialist use.


All our used modular buildings undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet a consistent standard of safety and functionality. While some units may have unique characteristics based on prior use, our commitment to delivering top-tier quality remains unwavering.

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