Secure Fuel Storage

ModCon Cabins are your partners for safeguarding your fuel storage. Our expertise extends beyond mere storage, offering comprehensive fuel storage solutions that stand resilient against unpredictable weather and potential theft. With an array of options, including robust fuel storage containers and specialised diesel fuel storage containers, we ensure your resources are not only stored but also thoroughly secured.

We acknowledge the need for mobility in secure fuel storage too. That’s why our range includes fuel storage containers that are portable and designed to adapt to your ever-evolving operational demands. For those seeking the pinnacle of secure fuel container storage, we present our Diesel On-Site Security (DOSS) storage vault — complete with its own on-site trailer for ease of use.

With our solutions, never again worry about the security and safety of your fuel storage. Explore our innovative solutions and take a step towards uncompromised security and efficiency.

What is Secure Fuel Storage?

Secure fuel storage isn’t just about keeping fuel in a container, it means ensuring uninterrupted operations, worker safety and legal and environmental compliance. Fuel storage must be reliable, robust and resilient, guarding against theft and protecting the fuel from any danger. It’s crucial for any venture that relies on fuel, as it maintains your supply and ensures operational continuity.

Fuel storage containers are designed for this very purpose: to provide a fortress for your fuel, accessible only to those authorised to do so. This is where diesel fuel storage containers and fuel container storage solutions come into play, offering an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Secure fuel storage is an investment in safety, security and certainty. With our fuel storage containers portable enough for various sites, you maintain control and accessibility at all times, ensuring your work never has to pause due to compromised fuel resources.

Secure storage in red

The Advantages of Portable Fuel Storage

Portable fuel storage revolutionises operational efficiency, blending mobility with durability. Our sturdy containers are more than a storage option, they’re a strategic asset.


Our portable solutions make relocation easy, which is crucial for businesses with multiple operational sites or for rapid response in emergencies.

Rugged Construction

Inherently robust, each container is constructed from superior materials, giving protection against both human and natural intrusions.


We understand that your needs may be unique, and our offerings are diverse in size, features and add-ons, ensuring they always meet your specific demands.


Beyond security, our portable containers reduce the need for multiple storage facilities, reducing overhead costs.

Ease of Use

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our containers simplify fuel access and management, empowering keyholders and streamlining operations.

Secure storage pod in green chemical storage container

What Can be Stored in Secure Fuel Containers?

At ModCon Cabins, our secure fuel containers are engineered for versatility, safely storing a wide spectrum of fuels critical for diverse operational needs, from conventional to alternative energy sources. Here are just some of the fuel types you can keep safe with our cabins:

  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Jet Fuel
  • Biofuel
  • Kerosene
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  • Hydrogen
  • Methane (Natural Gas)
  • Fuel Oil
  • Coal-Derived Fuel


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I can’t recommend ModCon highly enough. We had two new toilet and shower blocks delivered on Monday and have already ordered our smoking shelters with them because they’re so good. Everything arrived as promised and ready for use.
We got our new office units through ModCon and couldn’t be happier with the results. They look great and the guys from ModCon went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to as well.

Industries That Can Benefit from Fuel Storage

Fuel storage is not just a requirement but a strategic asset across various sectors, ensuring uninterrupted operations and providing critical support in times of need. The versatility of fuel storage containers is evident as they serve pivotal roles in diverse industries, underlining the importance of secure, accessible and reliable fuel sources.

Construction Sites

Ensure your machinery never idles with diesel fuel storage containers, for immediate refuelling on-site that streamlines operations and reduces costly downtime in construction.

Emergency Response

In life-saving situations, fuel storage containers are indispensable, providing rapid access and powering vehicles and emergency equipment without delay.

Remote Operations

For areas without traditional fuel infrastructure, portable fuel storage containers are essential, enabling operations without compromising on energy needs.ors

Manufacturing Companies

Keep assembly lines moving with on-site fuel storage, a necessity for powering machinery and generators, and maintaining continuous production in industrial sectors.


From tractors to irrigation systems, agriculture demands reliable fuel storage containers, ensuring farm operations run smoothly and productively throughout the year.


For logistics, shipping or vehicle fleets, secure fuel storage is crucial in maintaining regular schedules and ensuring freight reaches its destination on time.


Hospitals and clinics rely on fuel storage containers for backup generators, safeguarding life-saving equipment and critical systems against power failures.

Government and Defence

Secure fuel storage supports the demanding needs of military operations and administrative functions, providing energy security for national defence.

Events and Entertainment

From concerts to festivals, portable fuel storage container units are crucial in powering stages, lighting and other equipment, ensuring the show goes on.


Continuous service is a promise, and with fuel storage, utility companies can uphold this, ensuring consistent electricity, water and other essential services.


Secure fuel storage is paramount in aviation, fuelling aircraft, emergency power systems and ground support equipment, keeping airports functional and safe.


For hotels and resorts, fuel storage containers are the guardians of the guest experience, powering everything from kitchens to heating, ensuring every stay is perfect.

Compliance Assurance

When you’re working with fuel, safety and legal adherence are paramount. ModCon stands out for its unwavering commitment to compliance, and each fuel storage container we construct is a testament to high industry standards, meticulously designed to meet, and often exceed, rigorous regulatory requirements. This dedication not only fortifies the safety of your operations but also shields you from legal complications, solidifying your trust in our solutions.

With ModCon, you’re not just acquiring a fuel storage facility, you’re investing in a promise of quality, reliability and legal assurance. Rest assured, your fuel resources, operational continuity, and peace of mind are in capable hands.


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Secure fuel storage prevents leaks, theft and contamination, ensuring environmental safety, consistent operational efficiency and compliance with legal standards.