Cost-Effective Spaces: Container Conversions

In addition to producing our own structures and modules, we also carry out shipping container conversions to create useful spaces suitable for a range of industries. Whether you work in the public, private, or commercial sectors, shipping containers are extremely versatile and may be used alone or in combination to provide a range of various storage, welfare, and catering facilities.

Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to shipping container conversions. With more than 25 years of expertise locating, transforming, and furnishing shipping containers, ModCon Cabins is able to provide project managers and builders with stunning modular cabins.

Converting a shipping container could even be the first step towards realising your entrepreneurial dreams. The reduced overheads compared with traditional buildings could allow you to thrive.

Shipping Containers: Your Future Workplace

Shipping containers have been growing in popularity for a whole range of public and private installations in the last few years. As people look to more sustainable and affordable ways of living and working, shipping container conversions have come to the fore as one of the frontrunners in the modular housing and building marketplace.

Cost Effective

Shipping containers are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional building materials such as brick or concrete. Converting a shipping container into a building, such as an office shipping container, can be much cheaper than building a traditional structure from scratch.


Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions at sea, so they are incredibly durable. They are made of treated steel, which makes them inherently resistant to fire, rust and corrosion, not to mention their secure, anti-vandal properties.


Shipping containers can be easily transported by truck, train or ship, making them a great option for temporary or mobile structures. Container conversions can be used as offices, pop-up shops or even homes that can be easily relocated.


Using container conversions for construction can be an eco-friendly choice because it repurposes a material that might otherwise go to waste. Additionally, because the containers are made of steel, they are easily recyclable.


Shipping containers can be easily modified to fit a wide variety of uses, and container conversions can be stacked or combined to create larger structures and can be fitted with windows, doors, insulation and other features to make them suitable for different purposes.

Quickly Built

Because new shipping containers are prefabricated, the construction process is often faster than traditional building methods. This can be especially useful for time-sensitive projects, such as disaster relief shelters or expansions to existing facilities.

Whatever your idea for a shipping container conversion, we can work with you to supply the exact cabins you need in a timely, affordable manner. Simply contact us for more information or to get a quote.

Grey anti vandal cabins

ModCon Cabins – Your Choice for Container Conversions

At ModCon Cabins, we have more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the supply and installation of modular buildings of all kinds, including cutting-edge container conversions.

Our durable, eco-friendly converted shipping containers make an ideal workspace for a range of industries and are perfect offices, breakrooms, wash facilities, gyms and more. We offer a vast selection of sizes, fit-outs, and tailored options to make your container conversion perfectly suited to your needs.

Creating New Spaces

With a near-infinite range of customisation options, your container conversion can be made entirely your own, whether you need an office shipping container, a cosy breakroom, showering or toilet facilities, or even a gym, we’ve got you covered.


At ModCon Cabins, we pride ourselves on outstanding quality in all we do. Our converted shipping containers are made of durable, treated steel, and are fitted out to your exact specifications with the latest equipment, including options such as insulation and air conditioning.

Trust and Reputation

With more than 25 years of experience in the supply, equipping and installation of leading quality container conversions, we’re the reliable partner of choice for your modular space requirements. Don’t just take our word for it, hundreds of happy ModCon Cabin customers have revolutionised their work environments with our container conversions.

Professional Advice

Thanks to our extensive experience with container conversions and modular buildings in general, we can offer tailored, expert advice on the best solutions for you throughout your entire process.

Modular shipping containers stacked in blue - modular classrooms uk

Shipping Container Conversion Applications

Shipping Container Offices 

Whether you need additional office space for an existing facility or are looking to build a new modular office block, office shipping containers are growing in popularity thanks to how quickly they can be delivered, their future expansion potential and their cutting-edge aesthetic.

Shipping Container Homes 

Modular housing is on the rise thanks to much lower costs and the expansion and modification potential they offer. At ModCon, we specialise in adding doors, windows and other residential features to shipping container conversions without compromising their structural integrity. We also supply shipping container homes directly to building companies.

Shipping Container Workshops and Sheds 

If you’ve outgrown your shop or need more space to operate, a shipping container workshop is an ideal way to level up your facilities quickly and economically. Whether you want a portable workshop or a permanent base, we can build, insulate and fit out your new shipping container to your exact needs.

Shipping Container Cafés

Shipping containers can be modified with doors, windows, hatches and other features, all while retaining their core strength thanks to our understanding of the structural integrity of shipping containers, as well as how to reinforce them where needed. This makes them ideal for food service and retail outlets, such as a shipping container café, that often need to be portable or durable, or indeed both.

Shipping Container Cladding

The modern, cutting-edge aesthetic provided by the corrugated steelwork of a shipping container can be painted in any colour you wish. But if you prefer a different finish we can service your needs, including a coated Plastisol finish, which is incredibly weather-resistant, or any number of other shipping container cladding finishes.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers 

Using a shipping container to refrigerate food and drink is a quick and easy way to extend the capabilities of your commercial kitchen, or even add capacity to your existing container facilities. When fitted with a refrigeration unit and fully insulated, container conversion is a quick and affordable way to extend your food service facilities.

Shipping Container Gyms 

Whether for a personal gym on your existing property or a public facility with multiple apparatus, shipping container gyms are becoming more and more popular for their unique aesthetic, ability to create large spaces while remaining affordable and as a means to meet growing personal wellness trends.

Insulated Shipping Containers 

Maybe you’re looking for pre-insulated shipping containers that are essentially a blank canvas waiting to be fitted out for whatever purpose you require. We have 10ft, 20ft and 40ft long shipping containers for sale that we can insulate for you and then deliver to your site.

Flat Pack Shipping Containers 

For the ultimate in portability and easy construction, even in locations with limited access, our flat-pack container conversions are available to be built on-site. Supplied as a KDC (knock-down construction) kit, they can then be assembled to the same strong and secure standards as our pre-built cabins.

Flatpack cabins being built by two men

Used Shipping Containers for Sale

While even a new shipping container will be cost-effective and eco-friendly as a flexible workspace solution, a used shipping container conversion will allow you to make use of an existing resource, cutting down on new manufacturing, and saving you on the cost of a new unit. Thanks to our extensive experience and understanding of the construction and conversion of shipping containers, a used container conversion from ModCon Cabins will be as durable and dependable as a new one.

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Great experience with this company. Alan was really helpful from start to finish and was quick to respond to our queries. Already recommended them to other construction sites. Thanks, Alan!
I can’t recommend ModCon highly enough. We had two new toilet and shower blocks delivered on Monday and have already ordered our smoking shelters with them because they’re so good. Everything arrived as promised and ready for use.
We got our new office units through ModCon and couldn’t be happier with the results. They look great and the guys from ModCon went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to as well.


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