Specialist Pre-Built Smoking Shelters

At ModCon Cabins, we understand the necessity of a comfortable, legally compliant area for those who smoke or vape. Our bespoke smoking shelters not only protect individuals from the harsh British weather but also contribute to keeping your outdoor areas orderly and free of smoke.

Crafted with precision, the smoking shelters we have for sale are fully aligned with UK legislation. Choose from a variety of options, including two and four-person pods, all of which are equipped with optional handwashing facilities.

The robust design and ease of mobility, thanks to built-in fork tunnels and lifting lugs, make these smoking shelters a practical addition to any workplace. Explore more benefits and features below to understand the value our shelters can bring to your establishment.

The Key Features of our Smoking Shelters

Discover the advantages of ModCon Cabins’ smoking shelters, where functionality meets design. Our shelters offer safety, comfort and compliance, ensuring seamless integration with your premises. They are a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions for smokers and vapers alike. Read on to explore the distinct features that make our shelters stand out or, indeed, blend in.


Crafted from welded steel, our smoking and vaping shelters are incredibly robust and have promising durability. The chequered steel flooring reinforces both safety and longevity.


Our smoking shelters cater to varied needs, available in sizes ranging from 8 ft x 4 ft to 8 ft x 9 ft, accommodating between two to four individuals comfortably.

Bench Seating

Comfort is key, which is why we fit our smoking shelters with durable, stainless-steel benches, positioned strategically for protection against the elements.

Cigarette Bins

Each of our specialist smoking shelters for sale includes an integrated cigarette bin or ashtray to maintain tidiness by ensuring cigarettes are disposed of tidily and safely.

Custom Colours

Tailor the aesthetics of your smoke shelter to match your organisation’s branding with our vast custom colour options.

Easy Lifting

Our smoking shelters are designed for convenience and are equipped with fork tunnels and lifting lugs for effortless relocation.

Handwash Stations

Enhance hygiene with shelters that boast built-in handwash and hand sanitisation facilities, underscoring the importance of cleanliness.

Safety Signs

ModCon Cabins provides a comprehensive service; thus, all our smoking shelters come standard with essential warning signs and safety decals.

Additional Features

For any customisations beyond our standard smoking shelter models, we invite your requests and are eager to meet your specifications.

Smoking shelters in green

Why Invest in Smoking Shelters?

In 2007, the UK government legislated against smoking indoors in public spaces. Despite this, smoking and, increasingly, vaping remain prevalent. While not a legal requirement, providing a smoking shelter has multiple advantages:

  • They shelter smokers and vapers from rain, cold and even harmful UV rays
  • They limit exposure to second-hand smoke for non-smokers
  • They keep your premises clean and free from tobacco odours and litter
  • They prevent people from smoking near flammable materials
  • They enhance employee well-being by offering a space for breaks and socialisation

For the installation of a specialist smoking shelter or vaping unit at your workplace, get in touch with the experts at ModCon Cabins today.

Industries that will Benefit from Smoking and Vaping Shelters

Our containers and units offer a structured approach to managing smoking areas. These facilities not only enhance compliance and safety but also foster a positive atmosphere, whether it’s for protecting against the elements or providing a space for wellbeing.

Smoking Shelters

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Reduce conflict between smokers and non-smokers.
  • Environmental Consideration: Minimise litter by providing designated spots to dispose of cigarette butts.
  • Comply with Regulations: Ensure compliance with smoking policies and regulations contributing to a healthier and safer public space.
  • Improve Safety: Reduce the risk of fire with proper safety measures equipped.
  • Community: Promote a friendly community between smokers and non-smokers.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Make your premises a more positive work environment.

Vaping Units

  • An Alternative to Smoking: Help to reduce the harmful effects associated with tobacco.
  • Reduce Second-Hand Smoke: Produce fewer harmful chemicals and contribute to a healthier environment.
  • Support Smoking Cessation: Assist those who are trying to quit smoking.
  • Controlled Environment: Create a controlled environment for vapers, minimising disruption to non-vapers
  • Community Inclusivity: Create an inclusive place for those transitioning to vaping or who choose it as an alternative where smoking is restricted..
  • Public Health Considerations: Recognise vaping as a potential harm reduction tool, and align with health initiatives aimed at reducing smoking-related illness.
Smoking shelter build in red

Other Useful Portable Buildings for Business

Portable buildings like welfare and portable cabins are versatile, cost-effective solutions for businesses requiring flexible space options. Whether it’s for on-site employee amenities or creating additional office space, these mobile units can be rapidly deployed and customised to fit any operational need, enhancing workplace functionality and employee wellbeing.

Welfare Cabins

Welfare cabins offer an on-site haven for industries with dynamic workplaces, such as construction and event hosting. These self-contained units serve as a mobile base, equipped with essential amenities like toilets, showers and kitchenettes, ensuring the comfort and hygiene of personnel in remote locations or temporary setups.

Portable Cabins

ModCon Cabins offers versatile, eco-friendly portable cabins, perfect for your growing business. From fresh, state-of-the-art units to revitalised, budget-friendly options, our cabins, crafted from robust shipping containers, are designed for durability and adaptability, marrying quality with cost efficiency to meet your bespoke demands.

Why Invest In Smoking Shelters?

In 2007, the UK government made it illegal to smoke indoors in public places. However, a large proportion of the UK population continues to smoke, with vaping in particular becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Although businesses and organisations are under no legal obligation to provide a smoking shelter, there are several benefits of installing one:

  • It protects employers and visitors who do smoke from the rain, cold and harmful UV rays
  • It limits second-hand smoke
  • It helps to keep your premises clean and free of odour
  • It prevents people from smoking near flammable chemicals
  • They increase employee wellbeing, allowing them to take a break or socialise

If you would like to install one of our specialist smoking or vaping shelters in your workplace, contact us today.


Great experience with this company. Alan was really helpful from start to finish and was quick to respond to our queries. Already recommended them to other construction sites. Thanks, Alan!
I can’t recommend ModCon highly enough. We had two new toilet and shower blocks delivered on Monday and have already ordered our smoking shelters with them because they’re so good. Everything arrived as promised and ready for use.
We got our new office units through ModCon and couldn’t be happier with the results. They look great and the guys from ModCon went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to as well.
Utility pod in red

Who Can Benefit From A Smoking Shelter?

Smoking shelters and specialist vaping units serve as crucial infrastructure across various sectors, enhancing public spaces by providing designated areas for smokers and supporting health initiatives. Their presence offers a multitude of benefits, reinforcing legal compliance, employee satisfaction and community health standards.

  • Smokers: Comfort and safety in various weather conditions.
  • Non-Smokers: Reduced exposure to second-hand smoke and cleaner air.
  • Employers: Compliance with smoking regulations and laws, fostering employee satisfaction.
  • Communities: Public health and aesthetics, with shelters designed to blend in.
  • Governments and Regulatory Authorities: Enforcement of public health laws and prevention of smoking in prohibited zones.
  • Property Owners: Legal protection and maintenance of property value.
  • Healthcare Providers: Support public health efforts aimed at reducing smoking-related issues.
  • Event Organisers: Smooth logistics and comfort during events.
  • Urban Planning: Contribution to the overall design and functionality of public spaces.

Smoking Shelters and Vaping Units | FAQs

How open does a smoking shelter need to be?

UK legislation makes it illegal to smoke in enclosed public places. You therefore need to ensure that your new smoke shelter is not classed as “substantially enclosed.” Essentially, this means that smoking is permitted if you don’t have a roof. If you do have a roof, you will have to follow the 50% rule, whereby you must have at least a 50% gap in the surrounding wall areas – excluding doors and windows – to make it legal to smoke.

All our smoking shelters come with a roof to shelter users from the elements. They have been specifically designed to comply with UK regulations, including the 50% rule, meaning you can rest at ease knowing that your new smoking shelter is fully compliant. What’s more, the built-in cigarette bin helps to keep your premises tidy.

How many sides can a smoking shelter have?

As explained above, it’s not really about the number of sides. Rather, it’s about the amount of space in your walls. Generally speaking, if your wall space makes up 50% or less of the sides, then you’re okay. With ModCon Cabins, you never have to worry about making these calculations, since our smoking shelters are specifically designed to be compliant. We’ve taken the time to provide the most efficient smoke shelter on the market, balancing compliance with the best possible protection.

Can smoking shelters be customised?

Customisation is a key aspect of our smoking shelters. ModCon Cabins appreciates that every business has unique requirements, and therefore, we offer a variety of options. From size alterations to adding brand colours or logos, we can tailor your smoking shelter to align perfectly with your company’s preferences.

What are the maintenance requirements for smoking shelters?

Maintenance is conveniently minimal. We construct our shelters with durable materials that withstand the UK’s varied weather conditions, requiring only periodic cleaning to maintain their appearance and functionality. Plus, the integrated cigarette bins are designed for easy emptying, ensuring a clean and tidy area.

Do smoking shelters contribute to environmental pollution?

Our shelters are designed with the environment in mind, helping to localise and minimise the impact of cigarette waste. By containing smoking in a designated area equipped with disposal bins, they play a part in reducing overall environmental pollution.

How should smoke shelters be designed?

Smoking shelters should be designed with both functionality and compliance in mind. They need to provide ample ventilation as per the 50% rule, ensure comfort for users and integrate seamlessly with their surroundings. ModCon Cabins ensures every shelter meets these criteria, alongside robust construction for long-term use.

Are smoking shelters required by law?

While shelters themselves are not mandated by law, if you wish to provide a designated smoking area on your premises, it must comply with UK smoking legislation. This is where ModCon Cabins step in – to provide legally compliant, comfortable and stylish shelters for those who smoke or vape.

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