Quality Used Ancillary Products

ModCon Cabins has all you could ever need for second-hand ancillaries for portable and modular buildings, as well as other types of building purchases. Our range of second-hand ancillaries is here to enhance the utility, functionality and overall experience of your portable buildings, making all users’ lives that much easier.

Feel like you’re missing something from your site, we supply, deliver and install a wide range of used ancillaries from steel staircases and steps to effluent tanks and can supply you with high-quality water bowsers for sale.

Choose ModCon Cabins for affordable, high-quality and eco-friendly second-hand ancillaries.

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Key Features Of Used Ancillary Products

Problem Solving Solutions

We sell a plethora of solutions for your site that are reliable and durable. If you’re not connected to the main sewer line or require a consistent stream of fresh water, we have several effluent tanks and water bowsers for sale.

Versatile Options

We understand how portable cabins can come in all shapes and sizes, with unique layouts and designs. That’s why our second-hand ancillaries for modular buildings are designed with versatility in mind, and our range includes many different ancillaries for various functions.


All our used ancillary products offer amazing convenience for all users to benefit from. Whatever you require for your site, we can add that convenient ancillary for you, whether it’s extra storage, a smoking shelter or exterior steel steps to accommodate more users.


All our second-hand ancillaries are assessed and checked before installation to ensure they are operating at peak functionality. We guarantee no matter the ancillary you choose, it will function for the long run.

ModCon Cabins has one of the UK’s most extensive range of second-hand ancillaries for portable cabins, all boasting high durability and at the most affordable prices. From ancillary products to help with utilities to stable viewing platforms and spacious smoking shelters, ModCon Cabins is the top choice.

Smoking Shelters

Perfect for those needing a separate space for smokers and vapers, our used smoking shelters are robust, customisable and easily relocatable thanks to them all being fitted with fork tunnels and lifting lugs. They can also be fitted with handwash stations and are available in several sizes to accommodate between two to four people.

Utility Site PODs

We offer various used utility site PODs to house all your utility needs. We can even combine several other ancillaries into one utility site POD, including a smoking shelter, boot wash, water bowser and storage unit.

Steel Staircases & Steps

We can install used steel staircases and steps for your potable cabins and modular buildings and adapt them for various designs. Choose from several interior and exterior steel staircases and steps, whether you need them for toilet access or as alternative routes to enter a main modular building.

Gantry Viewing Platforms & Decks

Part of our second-hand ancillaries is our gantry viewing platforms and decks which provide a great additional space for the likes of construction sites to oversee the projects at hand. Many feature anti-slip decking that can be customised to specific sizes and can include features such as kickboards.

Boot Wash Stations

Perfect for construction sites that need a place to clean their boots and other equipment, our boot wash stations are high-functioning and will not disappoint when it comes to how well they remove dirt and other contaminants.

Effluent Tanks

Store your sewage temporarily with our range of effluent tanks, with many coming in specific sizes, including 16ft x 8ft x 11.8in. to 12ft x 8ft x 11.8in. – we ensure there’s a size for your needs, from agricultural sectors to commercial projects where you’re not connected to the mains, we supply effluent tanks to suit all types of needs all made from high-grade steel and other durable materials.

Water Bowser Pod

We have several used water bowsers for sale which our team can install at your site, providing you with fresh, clean water or liquid fertiliser. The perfect mobile water tank pod for if your mains are down, moving water to a different site or if you don’t have a mains connection.

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Why Choose ModCon?

High Quality Products

Just because they’re second-hand ancillaries, doesn’t mean we ever skimp on quality. All our used ancillary products are thoroughly cleaned, assessed and safety checked before we sell, deliver and install them. We will ensure they are ready for use straight away and made to last.

Competitive Prices

There’s a good reason we’ve accumulated a long list of clients that come to us time and again. Our second-hand ancillaries are all at some of the most competitive prices on the market and are a much more affordable option than buying brand new, especially if your use for them is temporary.

Various Products Available

We are proud to have one of the most diverse and extensive ranges of second-hand ancillaries for clients to explore and utilise. We supply various ancillaries that can be made useful for various sectors, from construction, agriculture, sporting and educational facilities and much more.


Great experience with this company. Alan was really helpful from start to finish and was quick to respond to our queries. Already recommended them to other construction sites. Thanks, Alan!
I can’t recommend ModCon highly enough. We had two new toilet and shower blocks delivered on Monday and have already ordered our smoking shelters with them because they’re so good. Everything arrived as promised and ready for use.
We got our new office units through ModCon and couldn’t be happier with the results. They look great and the guys from ModCon went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to as well.

Enhance Your Used Modular Or Portable Building Today

The perfect companion pieces for your used modular or portable buildings, ModCon Cabins provides the ideal solutions for better functionality, usage and aesthetics with our range of second-hand ancillaries. Upgrade and expand your modular buildings with the help of ModCon Cabins. Simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact page, or give us a call on 0333 404 8822 or send us an email to receive a free quote at info@modconcabins.co.uk.


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Portable Cabins

Whether you’re looking for cabins that provide an additional layer of security or want to prioritise environmental goals – or both – we make a range of different portable building types to meet your each and every need.

Used and Refurbished

Our used and refurbished cabins and modular buildings can be used for literally anything. As part of our service, we ensure that they are fit for purpose, whether you need them for standard storage or specialist use.


While used ancillary items may contain some wear and tear compared to newer products, they are extremely reliable, and our team always performs extensive quality checks to ensure they are functional, safe and reliable for all users.